Starting with the death of William Shakespeare The Rest Is Silence tells how the great writer's fellow actors and friends saved the plays for posterity. It is the story of the First Folio of Shakespeare.

This is no dry academic thesis. In an England torn by religious division and intrigue The Rest Is Silence is an enthralling, exciting story. Follow John Heminge and Henry Condell through the murky world of Jacobean printing and publication as they bring their task to a triumphant conclusion.

The narrator, Richard Field, is a historical contemporary of Shakespeare's. Born in Stratford Upon Avon and later a London printer, Field reveals fascinating insights....



Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing....

Richard Burbage gathered some straw from the wings, and set it down at the base of the stage, then he lay down, face upwards. When at length he opened his eyes, the Globe's curved roof seemed to hang over him like a raven's wing. In the open centre a single star glowed faintly.
crazy'But you don't really believe that, do you? he murmured. 'Somewhere in the core of your restless brain, you don't believe it.' The single star seemed to twinkle as he stared at it.
crazyA faint smile softened the actor's malleable features. Mellow and fair, he drifted into sleep.


The Rest Is Silence has been translated into Chinese and published in China with an initial production run of 4000 books.