This is a novel that combines motor sport, medieval history and a sinister tragedy. The story telling is compellingly direct. The imagery is that of an artist.
Terry Curtis MA Lit

From the speed eventer’s aspect the book has a truly authentic ring. The author, Martin Domleo is a Midland Speed Championship class winner, so he  knows exactly what he’s writing about…. I have to say I found this novel difficult to put down and I’m sure all Speedscene readers are bound to find it a riveting read….
Don’t miss this one….
Jerry Sturman, Editor, Speedscene

The author of a novel based on any specialised sport has difficult decisions to make concerning the level of explanations necessary to make the sport comprehensible to an outsider. Martin Domleo succeeds in this, with his simple yet clear style…. Interest is maintained from the start to the finishing line.
John Warburton, Editor, Vintage Sports Car Club Bulletin

I aimed to make Scream Over Stallard’s an attractive proposition for both the general reader and motor sport enthusiast.
Martin Domleo

An Extract from Scream Over Stallard's

At Stallard’s Corner, the highest point on the course, there was hardly a breath of wind. The great oak tree that had graced the hill for six centuries stood green and immovable against the blue sky.  A crow flew away squawking as the scream of the racing car’s engine rose out of the valley below, fell, then rose again. The scream grew louder. As the seconds ticked by, a gust of wind moved the tips of the oak’s great boughs, and its leaves rustled with an intensity that was not apparent among the leaves of a younger and smaller tree which stood on the grassy slope, just thirty yards away.