The Desk is a narrative poem about an old school desk and some of the ink marks and scratches on it made by pupils over the years from Victorian times to the present. In an imaginary way it explores the lives of some of the pupils in the war torn 20th century and draws on the poet's own experiences, both as pupil and teacher.

The much admired pencil drawings which illustrate the narrative are by the author.

"The Desk' is a compelling narrative.
A work for all ages."

David Horner

"The production is delightful.
The whole piece is a winner."

Alison Chisholm


Desk scratcher,
I see you now on the homeward path
Hauling your sledge up half-mile hills,
Stalling on the mini-runs in ash and grit,
Panting and skidding on pellets of ice
In the aching emptiness of your life
Even to the closed grocers where you cannot buy
Broken biscuits with a three-penny bit.